The MRL Capital Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme was established by the MRLC Board in 2010, with the aim of developing aspiring young Lihirians who have the educational qualifications to one day take on leadership roles in commerce and industry, administration, government and the private sector.

When the program initially opened in 2010, 10 students were awarded full scholarships. Nine of these students were awarded scholarships to study in tertiary institutions in PNG while one was offered a four year scholarship to attend the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) to study for a Bachelor in Instrumentation and Control Engineering.
Since then, 29 students have benefitted from the scheme for a total of over K2 million to date. Two of these student recipients have graduated with Bachelor degrees in health education and information technology while the rest are currently enrolled in either degree or diploma programs at tertiary institutions in PNG and Australia.
The MRL Capital Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme is merit based. Scholarship recipients must meet a strict, eligibility criteria to be offered full scholarship, which includes the payment of tuition, board and lodging, book and living allowances and a return ticket to their place of residency.

Scholarships are reviewed yearly and are renewed based on the academic performance of recipients.scholars_infographic