The MRLC Capital Ltd Group (‘’MRL’’) Investment Strategy (“Strategy” or “IS”) underlines the strategies and activities to maximise the growth and protect the capital of the Lihirian Equity Trust (“Trust or Fund”). It outlines the path to developing and managing an investment portfolio geared towards achieving objectives and outcomes consistent with the general guidelines established by its Investment Policy as approved by the Board. It details an embedded risk management and compliance framework and documents with guidelines to source the required internal and external expertise to protect, preserve and grow the value of the Fund in the long term while meeting the short term distribution and CSO obligations.

The Strategies

Asset Allocation

Assets shall be invested according to the following maximum and minimum ranges for each asset class as stated below;


Asset Class

Percentage of Total Assets
Minimum Target Maximum
Cash 2.5% 2.5% 10%
Fixed Income 20% 27.5% 35%
Property 30% 35% 50%
Listed Equities;

·             Domestic

·             International










Private Equity/Business Enterprises 10% 15% 25%


The asset allocation targets are reviewed annually and any change to the asset allocation ranges is approved by the Board on the recommendation of the Investment Committee.


The specific asset allocation targets are established within the ranges set out in the Investment Strategy and as varied from time to time.

Asset Class Guidelines

The following key underlined guidelines assists in the investment and management of all asset classes;

  • Permissible Investments
  • Management
  • Restrictions
  • Diversification
  • Maturity
  • Marketability



The amount and terms and conditions of any borrowing (if required) must be approved by the Investment Committee and endorsed by the Boards.

Performance Measures

The investment objectives and the appropriateness of the investment Strategy are reviewed at least annually. The performance of the Fund, each asset class and major investments will be reviewed at least quarterly.

Overarching Measures

  • Funds Under Management
  • Overall Return


Specific performance measures

There are specific requirements to measure the performance of the following asset classes;

  • Cash
  • Fixed Interest
  • Property
  • Listed Equities
  • Business Enterprises


Other Funds Under Management

The Investment Committee are responsible for overseeing and implementing a separate strategy for the management of funds secured from the Beneficiaries of the Fund. Management of such funds are treated separately from management of assets comprising the Fund and invested in the manner specified in this strategy. These funds however be included in assessing the Funds under Management performance objective and in the calculation of the management expense ratio

Changes to Strategy

Any changes to the Strategy are made by the Investment Committee.

Management Reporting

The monthly reports are produced and provided to the Investment Committee, whilst the quarterly and annual reports are produced and provided to the Investment Committee and the Board.