4×3 Bedroom Apartments in Eagle St, Lae

MRLC’s second Lae property is located at the corner of Eagle Street and Cassowary Road. This 2‐level 4×3 bedroom residential executive apartment was purchased through a private sale for K5.1 million.

It is fully leased by executive corporate clients which MRLC maintains. This upmarket apartment is situated in a predominantly high covenant residential area on the fringe of Lae’s central business district and is close to all public amenities and utilities.

Like the Doyle Street apartment, it is also made of concrete with Rosewood timber finishing and built to withstand Lae’s wet weather and harsh tropical climate. The apartment comes fully furnished with all basic white goods for convenience, backup water and power as well as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

Each unit has a built in car park, large storage, ample backyard for family barbeque, large open kitchen and dining and lounge areas. The master bedrooms come with an ensuite. A 24‐hour armed security service is also provided.