MRL Investments is a privately owned Australian investment company retaining a range of assets. It is the registered business name of Mineral Resources Lihir Pty Ltd, which is the Trustee Manager of the Australian assets of the Future Fund for the people of the Lihir Group of Islands, New Island Province, PNG. We possess an extensive portfolio of investments, manage commercial buildings and relevant upgrades, act as landlord for corporate tenants and we have recently embarked on residential development.

Our assets consist of various classes, including commercial office buildings, residential property, stocks and bonds and other commercial investments. 

We pride ourselves in performing well in the commercial real estate space, despite the quiet market. Our buildings are well-located in the CBD and presented at the highest standard in their class. We manage a constant upgrade program, with particular emphasis on the latest technology for building services and energy conservation. We assist our tenants to reap the optimum benefits from the use of their office spaces.

Visit the MRL Australia website here.