• To create the wealth required to provide economic benefits and financial independence that will support the welfare and standard of living of all Lihirians following the closure of the Lihir gold mine.


  • Ensuring a competent and empowered management team which is responsible for the protection and growth of MRL Capital’s investment portfolio.


  • Living our culture: A culture of exemplary ethical behaviour that at a minimum ensures legal and regulatory compliance and provides a culture of superior service quality to our stakeholders.

  • Employer of choice within PNG: Due to our work culture, ethics, staff development and compensation borne out of professional excellence.

  • Our stakeholders are our advocates: Through the maintenance of sustainable relationship and open communication with the stakeholders and their representatives ensure that MRL Capital investments are managed effectively on behalf of the Lihirian people.

  • Differentiate ourselves from similar organisations: By way of our culture and employing exemplary professional personnel that have the necessary skills and leadership to manage and protect the stakeholders investments effectively.

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